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Stock Portfolio Management Services India
In a market saturated with a plethora of investment avenues, Portfolio Management is an exclusive and premium service available to the more discerning and select investor. As a “managed account” with individual attention to each investor’s portfolio and a wide range of sophisticated portfolio strategies, PMS would warrant an allocation in the core portfolio for any High Networth Individual such as yourself.

As a discerning investor, who understands risk-reward ratio, you want:
  • A portfolio comprising of Select ideas: Backed by a high level of Investment Expertise and research.
  • Innovative and Sophisticated Strategies: Providing a platform to take exposure to and diversify into new investment opportunities.
  • Ability to take focused bets both in stocks and sectors: Build a portfolio of high conviction ideas and take meaningful exposure to such companies, thereby adding value when these stocks play out their potential.
  • Personalization and Customization: The Portfolio manager builds and manages each portfolio keeping in mind the strategy selected and the timing of investment.
  • Transparency and a higher level of information: Frequent information flow to clients on market views and portfolio actions.

    Portfolio Management Services is a platform that can deliver to these expectations.