Alchemy Long Term Ventures Fund – AIF CAT-III

  • Investment Objective
  • Why Alchemy Long Term Ventures Fund ?
  • Terms at a Glance
  • Fund Manager

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Alchemy Long Term Ventures Fund (the Fund) will be to carry on the investment activity of a Category III AIF, as permissible under the AIF Regulations, and achieve long-term capital appreciation by primarily investing in equity and equity related instruments with small cap bias. The Fund will primarily focus on investments in small cap companies with up to 50% (Fifty Percent) or such other higher percentage as maybe decided by the Investment Manager in accordance with Applicable Laws.


  • Long-term track record as a Portfolio Manager
  • Deep domain expertise & strong network
  • Unique investment strategy
  • Alignment of interest
  • Experience in mid & smallcap listed stocks

Terms at a Glance

  • INDICATIVE TENURE OR INVESTMENT HORIZON - 7 Years from the First Closing
  • FUND STYLE - Smallcap 
  • LAUNCH DATE - September 01, 2023


    The investment philosophy applicable to the Fund and as adopted by the Investment Manager is characterized by the following:

    1. Growth at reasonable price - The Investment Manager’s investment philosophy is to identify high quality companies with strong growth prospects benefitting from themes such as India’s rising discretionary spending, digitalization, global outsourcing, import substitution, improving manufacturing competitiveness and investment. The Fund’s portfolio will be selected via bottom-up process to identify companies with ethical and strong management teams, sound financials and competitive advantage leading to improvement in market position. The Investment Manager may also selectively invest in companies undergoing special situations.
    2. Invest for long-term - The Investment Manager does not currently expect to trade the assets of the Fund in and out of investments to capture short-term volatility.
    3. Investments in unlisted instruments/securities - Subject to Regulations and Applicable Laws, the Fund may endeavour to utilise available cash or liquidate investments in listed securities after Final closing date and make investments in unlisted securities.


    • The Fund will endeavour to generate long term capital appreciation by investing in
      (a) listed equities with a primary focus on small cap; (b) IPO (anchor book) opportunities;
      (c) Pre-IPO / unlisted securities; and (d) such other securities/instruments as permitted under Regulations and Applicable Laws.


    The Fund shall be sector agnostic with investments diversified across sectors as permitted under the Regulations which includes investments in listed securities (0-100%), unlisted securities (0-30%), Units of other AIFs (0-25%), other securities/instruments as permitted under Regulations and Applicable Laws.

Fund Manager - Hiren Ved

Hiren Ved, an equity market veteran, serves as the Director and CIO at Alchemy Capital Management where he has been leading the firm’s Asset Management business. With over 30 years of experience in the Indian equities market, Hiren has developed a sustainable long-term investment philosophy based on fundamental research. He is known for his deep sector knowledge, bottom-up research skills and stock picking abilities. He holds a graduate degree in Accounting from Mumbai University and a post-graduation in Management & Cost Accounting from The Institute of Cost Accountants of India.