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With a collective expertise of 100 years in the Indian equity market, Lashit Sanghvi, Ashwin Kedia, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Hiren Ved founded Alchemy Capital Management in 1999.

Alchemy has grown in repute over the last 19 years and is currently one of the largest Portfolio Management Services (PMS) provider in the country, having lent our advice and investment skills to USD 941 million (as on 30 June 2021)  worth of group assets. Alchemy’s institutional pedigree rests on integrity, process, insight and an unrelenting endeavour to offer consistently superior client experience.

Alchemy’s experience, intelligence networks and continuous information from trade and business analysts have guided the core investment management team in adopting nothing but the best-in-class practices to deliver on clients’ expectations and often aim to exceed them. In return, they have commended us for our efforts.



Alchemy Capital Management, an investment management firm, is founded by Hiren Ved, Lashit Sanghvi, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Ashwin Kedia, with Hiren Ved acting as Founder, Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer


Alchemy is registered with SEBI as a Portfolio Manager


Alchemy’s portfolio management services commences


Alchemy acted as Chief Advisor to an Offshore Sovereign Wealth Fund


Alchemy launches its Offshore Equity Fund


Alchemy received Wealth Asia award for Boutique Wealth Management Co. in India


Alchemy’s wholly owned subsidiary, Alchemy Investment Management Pte Ltd, at Singapore got its license issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for Fund Management business.


Alchemy’s wholly owned subsidiary, Alchemy Investment Management Pte Ltd, at Singapore got its Investment Advisor license issued by the Securities Exchange of Commission (SEC)


Alchemy launches its Category III – Alternative Investment Fund