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General PMS

What is Portfolio Management Services (PMS)?

What are the different types of Porfolio Management Services (PMS) available for an investor?

What is the minimum investment for opening a PMS account?

Who can sign up for a PMS?

Is a demat account required for opening a PMS account?

What is the meaning of 'High Water Mark'?

What is the meaning of 'No Catch Up'?

How is TWRR different from XIRR?

PMS is governed by which regulatory body?

Is Income from PMS taxable?

What is the difference between discretionary portfolio management service and non discretionary portfolio management service?

How is PMS different from Mutual Funds?

What are the benefits of portfolio management services?

About Alchemy Capital

Who are the custodians of Alchemy Capital?

What are the fee options for Alchemy Capital products?

Is there a lock in period or an exit load to be paid when closing the PMS account?

What is the Disclosure Document?

Where can I find the Disclosure Document for PMS strategies offered by Alchemy Capital?

Is there a limit to the number of portfolios I can have with Alchemy Capital?

Where is Alchemy Capital located?

Our Products

What are the different PMS products Offered by Alchemy Capital?

What is Alchemy Ascent?

What is Alchemy High Growth?

What is Alchemy High Growth Select Stock?

What Alchemy Alpha 100?

What Alchemy Smart Alpha 250?

AIFs offered by Alchemy Capital

Account Opening

How do I sign up for a PMS account with Alchemy Capital?

How long does it take to set up a PMS account for Investing?

What is the account opening process for Alchemy Capital PMS?

What is the account opening process for Resident Individuals?

What are the Operating charges/expenses for Alchemy Capital PMS account?

I already have a Demat account will I have to open a separate demat for PMS? Why?

I am an existing investor in Alchemy Capital PMS. Will I have to open a new Demat for investing in a different Alchemy Capital strategy?

Is there a direct on-boarding option available?

Can we apply for a PMS account digitally?

Who is eligible to open a PMS account with Alchemy Capital?

Can an NRI hold a PMS account?

How can I associate with Alchemy Capital as a channel partner?

What are the accounts opened for an NRI to hold a PMS account with Alchemy Capital?

Can we open the account in the name of Minor?

Can we accept USA base client investment?

What is STP and how does it work?

Account Manangement

How do I connect with your customer servicing team for my account details?

I would like to connect with my RM?

How do I access my PMS account?

Can I fund my PMS account by transferring Stocks?

What is the process for transferring stocks to the PMS account?

What are the Bank details for funding the PMS account?

How can I top up more funds to my account?

Where can I find my debit note for fees?

How do I withdraw / redeem part of my investments from PMS account?

When and how often can I change my fee plan?

What is the process to close my PMS account?

What is the minimum amount of redemption?