Alchemy High Growth – Select Stock – (PMS)

  • Investment Objective
  • Why Alchemy High Growth – Select Stock
  • Terms at a Glance
  • Fund Manager
  • Opportunities galore in India

Investment Objective

The objective is to generate returns over the long run by investing in concentrated portfolio of high conviction public listed companies.

Why Alchemy High Growth – Select Stock?

  • Reason for investing is that India is one of the fastest growing economies and has sufficient entrepreneurial reserves to exploit the opportunities
  • “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Up” approach to stock picking with focus on superior risk-reward.
  • A usual portfolio comprises of 8-12 stocks across sectors; single stock exposure is capped at maximum 25 percent at cost.

Terms at a Glance

  • CATEGORY - Equity Concentrated
  • TYPE - Open ended
  • SUGGESTED TIME HORIZON - Minimum 3-5 years
  • FUND STYLE - Multi-cap growth
  • LAUNCH DATE - 20th Dec, 2008
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT - Rs.3 crores

Fund Manager – Hiren Ved

Mr. Ved joined Alchemy in 1999, spearheading the firm’s asset management business. With over two decades of experience in equity markets, he has carved a niche in “Bottom-up” research and stock picking with extensive coverage of companies across various sectors. A certified cost accountant, he has over 25 years experience in the Indian equity markets. He has been a Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Alchemy since its inception.

Opportunities galore in India

  • India ranks 6th in the world in terms of nominal GDP and 3rd in terms of purchasing power parity
  • GDP projected at USD 6 trillion by the next decade – Study by Morgan Stanley
  • India’s encouraging demographics; more than 50 percent of its population is below the age of 25
  • India more resilient vis-à-vis other countries because of high domestic consumption.
  • Recent structural reforms in key areas
  • Domestic investor allocations to equities expected to be robust and potentially expected to outdo FPI’s over the next few years